Is the “Anti-Vaxx” movement a new idea perpetuated by parents following a doctor disgraced for releasing a fraudulent study suggesting that vaccines cause autism? Is it a Russian agenda? 

Is it a growing movement of parents who idolize Jenny McCarthy and parents who typically turn to Hollywood for medical  and other advice on how they should raise their children?

No, my friends. 

The reality is – the majority of people today who are “anti-vaccine”  – are really EX-vaccinators – people who had perfectly healthy babies –  then vaccinated their children according to the corrupt CDC-recommended schedule –  and subsequently watched their precious child change right before their eyes immediately following.

In fact, the anti-vaccine movement is not a new thing to the Andy Wakefield study, to Jenny McCarthy, nor is it new at all.  EVERYTHING that you have ever been conditioned to believe about our history of infectious disease – including the claim that the smallpox vaccine eradicated the disease – is false.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the smallpox vaccine.  

The truth is that many people developed serious illness and even died from smallpox vaccination…so much so that as terrible as the disease itself was, parents then knew that the disease itself was STILL better than the vaccine…and they protested.

Leicester, UK – 1871

After 33 years of compulsory vaccination, and a 110% vaccination rate (you’re reading that correct) there was a massive smallpox outbreak. Out of 3,000 cases, 358 people died. Parents had had enough …

The vaccine was maiming their children, and it clearly didn’t work.

Parents started refusing to vaccinate – and in turn, public health and government officials started enacting stricter vaccine laws – hmmm….sound familiar????

It didn’t matter – parents were no longer willing to risk their children’s lives KNOWING how dangerous the vaccine was – and many ended up incarcerated over the cause.

Over a period of a decade, 6,000 parents were locked up for refusing the smallpox vaccine. Courts became backed up and it was impossible for the courts to keep up.

In 1889, the power of the people rising up became too loud a voice to ignore. The light of the truth exposed the darkness for what it was – and 110 districts annulled compulsory vaccination.

For more information on the real history of infectious diseases – with citations and pictures – I highly recommend the book Dissolving Illusions. 

We are at a turning point in our country. Some people say they “draw a line” at the flu shot. Or they draw a line at the HPV vaccine. But state governments are taking our rights to say NO to any vaccine away – AND they are increasing the schedule. HPV vaccine is apparently being tested on babies right now. Pediatricians have to meet a minimum quota of their patients being vaccinated or they won’t be reimbursed by insurance (one doctor said his office had to be at 90%).

Parents in California no longer can opt out for personal beliefs, or religious beliefs…in a country that is supposed to pride itself on religious freedom.

What will you do when the United States no longer has exemptions in any state…and you are required by law to give your baby a thimerosal-containing flu shot every year? Or an HPV vaccine? Truly something to think about – because that is the direction we are headed!

What happened to the land of liberty and land of the free?

I have been presenting you my heart – but not only my heart – I have been presenting you with facts. With truth. The truth hurts – but no matter how you might feel about something – your feelings will never change what the truth is.

We have been lied to for greed and we are paying with our children’s lives. We are paying with our children’s health. It’s time to start doing the right thing, parents. It’s time to take heads out of the sand and start fighting with every fiber of our being for our medical freedom.

My soul is on fire and my heart hurts – but I am not going to back down from this cause. I know what the Holy Spirit is leading me to do – I invite you to join me and be the voice our precious babies deserve and NEED. We need more warrior Mamas who know that there is NO GOVERNMENT, NO PHARM COMPANY, NO DOCTOR, NO ONE who is GREATER than our GOD!!! And I refuse to stand before HIM on my day of judgment and say that I turned a blind eye to this evil because I wanted people to like me,


Put on your full armor of God, and pray big.